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Weave Hairstyles with Side Bangs

Weave Hairstyles with Side Bangs
A woman's hair is probably the most attractive part about her. When styled well, it enhances her appearance. Most women also swear by the therapeutic effects of a new hairstyle. Even a small change in the way their hair looks seems to uplift spirits. One simple way of changing the way you look can be achieved by opting for different weave hairstyles. Using hair weaves allows you to completely change the way you look without opting for a haircut or other more invasive hair treatments. If you decide to weave your hair, you can transform yourself completely. Imagine going from a short bob haircut to long waves in a matter of hours. Quick weave hairstyles for women are preferred options for those amongst us you who want to opt for new looks without changing one's natural hairstyle. While there are many people amongst us use hair weaves to change their hair length but did you know that you can create weave hairstyles with side bangs with this technique. Before we move on to tell you how you can sport different hairstyles with side bangs, we tell you about the different types of weaves you can opt from.

Different Types of Weaves

Hair weaves are available in a varied range of cuts and style and you can opt for any of these types of hair weaves for different weave hairstyles with side bangs. There are prepackaged hair weaves available on the market which can cost you anywhere between USD 12 to USD 70 depending on the quality of the hair which can be synthetic or human hair. In fact these prepackaged weaves are the best options for weave hairstyles with bangs as these hair weaves tend to be very short in length. These hair weaves are available in many colors.
Weave Hairstyles with Side Bangs

Another option that you can opt for in case you want to sport hairstyles with bangs and layers is to opt for half weaves that allow you to leave a part of your natural hair exposed, while covering the remaining half with the hair weaves. Those hair weaves that are available traditionally are perfect for hairstyles like blunts and bowl cuts. There are many ways of attaching hair weaves for weave hairstyles with bangs. But the methods that are prominently used are either attaching the wefts to the scalp or using a method known as glue bonding.

Weave Hairstyles with Side Bangs

There are many different hairstyles for bangs that you can opt for depending on the shape of your face and the style that you prefer but one of the most popular type of bangs this season are the side bangs. Side bangs create a completely new look by giving you and edgy look, especially with razor cut bangs. How do you attach hair weaves so that you can sport weave hairstyles with side bangs? Well, the entire process is of attaching hair weaves as side bangs is very easy. Just remember that fir thick bangs you will need more hair weaves to weave in and with the thinner bangs the opposite will be true.
Weave Hairstyles with Side Bangs

In order to attach hair weaves for weave hairstyles with bangs and layers for medium hair, the first thing you need to do is to create the section of hair where you will attach the hair weaves for bangs. Brush out this section of hair to ensure that it is smooth and then clip it. For weave with bangs, the next thing you need to do is, take a half inch section of the hair you have brushed and comb it onto your forehead. Now take the hair weave you are using, apply bond glue to it and press it to the scalp, just above the hair you have combed onto the forehead. Now unclip another half inch section of the hair you smoothened and repeat the process. Once you have attached as many hair weaves as you want, cut bangs as you want and there you have it; weave hairstyles with side bangs.

The first time you try to create weave hairstyles with side bangs, it may be a good idea to have a friend help you out so that you do not mess up the gluing part and damage your scalp. Once you have gained proficiency in the process, you can experiment with different kinds of hairstyles and change your look as and when you want.
By Tulika Nair

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